SmartSWD – The Future of Flexible Water Infrastructure

Reclaim Water Services has developed and deployed SmartSWD: a patent-pending, integrated modular SWD and Water Treatment Facility.  The facility design includes a micro-gas oil/water separator for maximized oil recovery, automated periodic removal of solids, customized tank internals to optimize hydraulics and water clarification, a gravity flow configuration to alleviate intermediate transfer pumps, and sophisticated end-to-end automation with local and remote capabilities.

With increased seismicity, increased recycling of produced water for completions, and increased industry focus on ESG, Reclaim Water Services has designed and packaged the most CAPEX and OPEX-efficient solution for flexible produced water management.

  • Integrated SWD and Water Treatment Facility

  • Significantly Higher Oil Recovery Than Traditional Gun Barrel

  • Automated, Ongoing Solids Management – No Build-up of Tank Bottoms

  • Cleaner Water for Injection – With No Additional Chemicals

  • Reduction of Well Bore Cleanouts/Workovers

  • Recycling of High Spec Produced Water for Completions at “Press of a Screen”

  • End-to-End Automation with Remote Control/Monitoring

The SmartSWD Facility enables operators and water midstream companies to maximize CAPEX efficiency and minimize water-related OPEX.

What Size SmartSWD Facility is the Right Fit for Your Operations?

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