Innovating Modern-Day Oil and Gas Water Management

Through advanced water treatment engineering, a deep understanding of oil and gas operations, and a dedication to unifying ESG with OPEX-efficiency, Reclaim Water Services is improving water management practices and saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per well on water-related costs.

  • SmartSWDTM A Patent-Pending, Integrated SWD/Treatment Facility that enables a single facility to condition produced water for downhole injection or treat produced water to a recycle-quality specification, all at the touch of a screen.

  • High Efficiency Oil Recovery – Reclaim’s Micro-Gas Oil/Water Separator maximizes oil recovery and also conditions produced water to achieve a broad range of target quality specifications at the lowest-possible OPEX.

  • Active Solids Management – Reclaim’s facilities and treatment systems automatically manage solids and tank bottoms on an ongoing basis, alleviating expensive facility shutdowns and tank/wellbore cleanouts.
  • Flexible Water Quality Specifications – Reclaim’s treatment process can be tailored to meet any required treated water quality specification while optimizing CAPEX and OPEX to achieve budgetary and operational goals.
  • Modular & Mobile Equipment Options – In addition to SmartSWD and centralized treatment facilities, Reclaim designs and manufactures customized mobile and modular water treatment systems for a broad range of oilfield and industrial applications.

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