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We are bringing a different solution to the lithium industry. Our Smart DLE innovative approach offers a unique solution to meet the growing demand for lithium, while maximizing benefits for landholders and operators.

Our Unique Approach: Traditional companies in the lithium industry either sell systems or operate them, providing a small percentage of the revenue to landholders or operators.

At Reclaim Lithium, we take a different approach. We bring the equipment and operate it as a service company. We provide the majority of profits from the operation directory to the landholder or operator. This accelerates the deployment of direct lithium extraction (DLE) systems, supporting domestic lithium production to meet America’s Battery Material Independence, and enabling operators to participate in the value generated from the energy transition.

Why Choose Reclaim Lithium?

  • We design, manufacture, install and operate the systems, with our staff.

  • This eliminates the overhead of engineering, manufacturing, and chemical refinement, compared to others who use outside sources.

  • Reclaim Lithium brings the system and assumes the risk of the operations.

  • We pay the highest percentage of the profit to the operator, landholder, or mineral right owner.

  • Our streamlined process offers a unique program that benefits your organization.

  • You just bring us the brine water!

Uniquely Positioned for Efficiency

Economy Polymers and Chemicals is our parent company. Together, we have more than 70 years of experience in water processing and chemical manufacturing and are strategically positioned for the most advanced developments in DLE systems. Within our existing business, systems process millions of gallons of brine water per day in oil fields, removing oils, organic compounds, and solids — a key element for efficient DLE operation. Our expertise in extracting specific metals, minerals, and materials from brine waters, combined with state-of-the-art lithium extraction technology, makes our Smart DLE system highly efficient and effective.

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