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Industry-Leading Water Systems to Edge Your Operations Forward

Reclaim Water Services offers upgraded water systems. Through advanced engineering, deep understanding of oil and gas operations and a dedication to eco-friendly practices, Reclaim Water Services is innovating produced water reuse and recycling, and saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per well, per month.

The Reclaim solution non-chemically removes contaminates from the water. Reclaim will provide non-detectable levels of hydrocarbons and bacteria and Iron less than 1.0 ppm. Other solutions use dangerous chemicals to change the water chemistry and leave the contaminates in the water. This requires contaminant clean-up somewhere down the road. Our water can be reused as soon as we discharge the system.

  • No retaining/settling ponds required

  • Cleans water more completely than other processes

  • Water is ready to use within eight hours of entering our system

  • Remote operation offers greater safety with less manpower

  • Costs competitive with all other processes

  • Units handle from 3,000 to 40,000 barrels per day, and can be combined for larger volumes

Reclaim Water Services’ Clean Hydro systems can save oil and gas companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per well, per month.

An In-Depth Approach Bringing Big Benefits to Oil and Gas

  • The process begins with an extensive review of your company’s hydrocarbon fluids, produced water properties, production system chemistry and well profile data.

  • Reclaim Water Services develops a performance model — a preliminary plan for your unique system design.
  • Model outputs translate to custom-tailored equipment specifications to achieve your company’s goals and contaminant-removal needs.

  • Detailed mechanical and process designs accommodate various operating conditions and fluids while catering to your company’s budgetary needs.

  • Using diagnostic tools, site visits, chemical analysis, historical data and other tools, Reclaim Water Services evaluates all functional disciplines.
  • Teams search out and employ measures to improve efficiency and optimize recoverable reserves.

Which Reclaim Water System is the Best Fit for Your Company?

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